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Pujol, the play – Corruption of the Catalan Kind

The playwright Jordi Casanovas, author of the forthcoming play Pujol. Photo

A forthcoming Catalan-language play by Jordi Casanovas (pictured above) takes on the charismatic, disgraced Catalan ex-premier Jordi Pujol, the former president of the regional ‘Generalitat’ government (1989 to 2003), who, in 2014, admitted to holding undeclared millions in secret foreign bank accounts for a period of 34 years. While he claimed the cash to be an inheritance, the 85-year-old Pujol and… Read more »


LINKS: Paradoxes of the anti-capitalist kind

Click here for Andy Beckett’s excellent book review of Paul Mason’s Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere. “The failings of the free market may have given the protesters their cause … but the free market has also given them the means to take political advantage.” Click here for Tom Lamont’s interview with Alan Moore, the creator… Read more »


DRAMATIC EXIT pt.2: the scatter

In the second of three imperative posts, I introduce a means of getting the hell out of there with the maximum fuss possible. This  – very public – withdrawal comes into play when one wishes to fritter up one’s dispassionate, glum and/or anti-social companions on a bus or a subway journey: the type of folk with… Read more »


VIOLENT ENCOUNTERS of the isolating kind

A Boxing Day stroll along Diagonal was intercepted by a violent incident with a madman. “Puta!” yelled the hefty, pee-soaked man, who had already attracted my attention by spitting at me. “Why do you say that?” I replied. I realised my mistake immediately. “Puta!” he raged “Zorra!” He tossed aside his black bag and lunged at me. On your own, love. I… Read more »


TÚRRON DE YEMA: Gift or insult?

A moist, sickly-sweet lump of sugar (1kilo), smashed almonds (1kilo) and 12 semi-solidified egg yolks, the lightly browned Túrron de Yema must be the quintessentially backhanded Christmas gift; the booby prize of the seasonal raffle. One might go so far as to suspect that the same single bar has been circulating the peninsula since Wilfred… Read more »