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Last chance! Marits i Mullers (Husbands and Wives)

Andreu Benito, Sandra Monclús, Mònica Glaenzel y Joan Carreras // Photo Copyright: Projecte Fonamentum

Oh-my-gosh, it was indeed a Happy New Year! thanks to this blinding Catalan production of Marits i Mullers. Director Àlex Rigola’s sweet, slick, highly inventive and immensely enjoyable theatrical adaptation of Woody Allen’s 1992 movie, Husbands and Wives, was not only better than the original – kinda, but notably generous to the public. It made me think of… Read more »


REVIEW: El policía de las ratas – dir. Àlex Rigola / cia. Heartbreak Hotel

El policía de las ratas (Police Rat) is a wonderfully intense Spanish-language 2-man play directed by Àlex Rigola. It is based on the short story by the Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño, “one of the most improbable international literary celebrities since William Burroughs”, according to the New York Times (who doesn’t give any further explanation). Possibly the… Read more »


REVIEW: MCBTH (Macbeth) dir. Àlex Rigola

Àlex Rigola’s now slightly notorious MCBTH (Macbeth) (in Catalan) has already disturbed many audience members, though perhaps not in the way that the director intended. Peppered with visual references from ‘popular culture’, (although the term, like the culture, tends to be imposed upon us), there is a carefully cultivated cheapness about the play – from its… Read more »