Last chance! Marits i Mullers (Husbands and Wives)

Andreu Benito, Sandra Monclús, Mònica Glaenzel y Joan Carreras // Photo Copyright: Projecte Fonamentum

Oh-my-gosh, it was indeed a Happy New Year! thanks to this blinding Catalan production of Marits i Mullers. Director Àlex Rigola’s sweet, slick, highly inventive and immensely enjoyable theatrical adaptation of Woody Allen’s 1992 movie, Husbands and Wives, was not only better than the original – kinda, but notably generous to the public. It made me think of an ironic therapy session with actors joining us, between scenes, on comfy sofas set around the stage. I feel particularly special towards this production. It not only restored my faith that Catalan theatre is indeed accessible to the non-fluent, local-international public (hooray!), but it even convinced me of the vitality of Allen himself!

With just one week left to see the show at Barcelona’s La Villarroel (until 10th of January), I totally urge those competent in Catalan to pop along asap.