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INTERVIEW: Carolina López on ‘Metamorphosis’ – the exhibition

The more we try to rationalise our world, the more we crave the weird and the wonderful. The exhibition Metamorphosis lures us into the interconnected worlds of two individual and one ‘twin set’ of artists, all of who work or worked on the fringe of film and animation. The exhibition, that took 10 years to find its… Read more »


Loop Art and the Meaning of Engels

It’s only a matter of time before everything turns into bad theatre. Oh, the theme park that history becomes! All those momentous events and monumental ideologies… Walls slapped up and beaten down. Files filed and family members disappeared. Slivers of land fought and died for. Gruff men with bushy beards, whose big ideas engulfed 20, 50 years, entire lifetimes. All of… Read more »


REVIEW: Robots or Ghosts

For all the talk of ‘collective memory’ and ‘universality of emotions’ on Macba’s notes it is the isolation and the drudgery that for me made Sejla Kameric’s version of the film 1395 Days without Red the more engrossing and haunting of the two films. Created in conjunction with Albanian filmmaker Anri Sala (left), the film project… Read more »