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WHAT’S ON? Henry V, Propeller-style

Girona’s Teatre Municipal, December 6th & 7th: With the European ideal in the doghouse and nationalism on the rise, theatre company Propeller get in there with a brutal, allegedly brilliant staging of Shakespeare’s Henry V, the heroic history play-turned-1989 movie that once made Kenneth Branagh sexy. It’s the IV time that the all-male British troupe, artistically… Read more »


ACTORS: Pros or Props?

As Jocular Theatre Company stages another comedy this weekend, I question the artistic prestige of a profession that, in reality, draws a comparison with marketing. “No scripts on the night.” Don’t get me wrong. I think theatre is vitally important, or I wouldn’t have spent a month chasing Calixto Bieito telephonically around Belgium. Where newspapers… Read more »


READ ABOUT IT: Urban graffiti

Click here for an excellent reminder of the all-pervasive evil of advertising from George Monbiot. Someone, please, clean this ugly, banal and virulent form of urban graffiti off our city streets, buses, cinemas, schools, homes …