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Last chance! Marits i Mullers (Husbands and Wives)

Andreu Benito, Sandra Monclús, Mònica Glaenzel y Joan Carreras // Photo Copyright: Projecte Fonamentum

Oh-my-gosh, it was indeed a Happy New Year! thanks to this blinding Catalan production of Marits i Mullers. Director Àlex Rigola’s sweet, slick, highly inventive and immensely enjoyable theatrical adaptation of Woody Allen’s 1992 movie, Husbands and Wives, was not only better than the original – kinda, but notably generous to the public. It made me think of… Read more »


WHAT’S BACK ON? El Principi d’Arquimedes

Another chance to see this cool play at La Villarroel theatre in Barcelona, until May 5th. In the 3rd century BCE, Archimedes, a Greek mathematician and engineer, invented a precise means of measuring the density of an irregular object. He found that a body immersed in a fluid experiences a upwards force in contra that… Read more »