Author: Alx Phillips

Apocalyptic dance at LEM

  Soizu: a freakishly good butoh performance that formed an unexpected part of LEM music festival. Held at the dance space la Caldera this outrageously disturbing act was made more so by the fact that many in the audience seemed non-plussed by it. On a sparse, ripped up landscape, to the grinding soundscape of Iker Ormazábal, formidable dancer… Read more »


LEM outline – Weird, without trying.

  LEM! Barcelona’s established, experimental music festival c.1996! It mushroomed out of a clump of alternative spaces in the Gràcia area, later infiltrating more comfy institutions downtown such as Macba and CaixaForum. What to expect: A two week programme for *experimental* tastes. The best thing about it: Its raggedy coolness, off-beat but professional. The electronica and ‘cinematic’… Read more »