La last night at LEM

The problem with multi-band experiences is: if bands are similar in genre, they bleed into each other; if they’re not, as Cargo, Graves and Institut Fatima (see photo) definitely weren’t last night, you have to emotionally adjust, which is work for a Saturday night, let’s be honest. Still, the venue La Fontana is cool. It’s enormous, and lies hidden and little promoted in the basement of a ‘youth culture centre’ in Gràcia; yes, that may conjure up images of Nazi aerobics, but happily the LEM crowd got to it and transformed it into a place for live bands to play. For some reason the bar only sells beer, as if the alcohol in beer may somehow be different from that in other drinkies, but wandering in and out seemed to be the norm so you could pop out for a cubata. (Alas, you gotta pick your place – my gintónic was devastatingly expensive, a liquid slither among 40 ice-cubes and lemon peel, served – without love – in a fish-bowl. It was in danger of pooping on my whole evening, until I hit on the idea of pinching the glass.) I returned to La Fontana, that loved me more, to catch the highlight of the night.