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Overcooked Adaptation of Ibsen’s Wild Duck

Pablo Derqui and Ivan Benet in L'ànec salvatge (The Wild Duck) based on the play by Henrik Ibsen. Photo © Ros Ribas.

Hanging on the branches of Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s brilliant tragicomedy, this humourless Catalan adaptation of The Wild Duck (L’ànec salvatge) turned complex character-archetypes into filmic clichés. This 1884 play was an excellent choice by director Julio Manrique. Its predominant theme of blinded idealism and addiction to abstracts over human relationships, exemplified in the missionary… Read more »


REVIEW: Un Enemic del Poble, by Henrik Ibsen, dir. Miguel del Arco

As wikipedia tells it, so incensed was the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen at the public uproar following his new play Ghosts (a haunting account of a charitable mother whose son, a nice young man, goes bonkers having inherited syphilis from his slutty father), that he then wrote … … An Enemy of the People (1882), a… Read more »


WHAT’S ON? Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen, dir. David Selvas

After the phenomenal success of A Dolls House (1879), Hedda Gabler (1891) by Norwegian master playwright Henrik Ibsen, didn’t go down that well with late 19th century audiences. Instead of overtly attacking the establishment, most particularly the crappy controlled lives of women, Hedda was considered an arrogant, power-crazed, unfeeling figure – a study in mental illness,… Read more »