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What’s on? Environmental drama in Pulmons (Lungs)

All credit to this valiant Catalan-language production that brings freshness, focus and depth of character to Duncan Macmillan’s uncompromising play Pulmons (original title Lungs), a contemporary drama about a couple’s decision to have a baby, despite, or perhaps because of, impending environmental disaster. Macmillan demands that no props, sound or lighting effects, no ‘mime’, scene changes or intervals be… Read more »


REVIEW: Oleanna by David Mamet – dir. David Selvas

David Mamet’s Oleanna, a Catalan version of which is on at Barcelona’s Teatre Romea until December 2nd, is an intense, clever and, at times, tough play that deals with issues of political correctness, and trust in authority figures and systems. The 1992 piece, the title of which refers to a utopian society invented in a 19th century… Read more »