Review: Impulso – Rocío Molina & CaboSanRoque

Still bug-eyed and trembling after this extraordinary one-day-only encounter between the Malaga-born, National Dance Award-winning flamenco dancer Roció Molina, and the Catalan artistic / technological / performative / musical collective CaboSanRoque! In rustling robotic desert surroundings, under the blood red gaze of a wandering moon, Molina emerges from a quivering cage of erect metallic measuring tapes. Then, donning the cropped bejewelled jacket of a toreador, she stomps us into submission…

This show was a experimental ‘lab’ project! After its phenomenal success last week it is now in production and will premiere in Paris in November 2016! Stay tuned for more news…

Impulso formed part of the cycle Oh! Poètiques de la Il.lusió at Mercat de les Flors


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