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REVIEW: Robots or Ghosts

For all the talk of ‘collective memory’ and ‘universality of emotions’ on Macba’s notes it is the isolation and the drudgery that for me made Sejla Kameric’s version of the film 1395 Days without Red the more engrossing and haunting of the two films. Created in conjunction with Albanian filmmaker Anri Sala (left), the film project… Read more »


Ballets Russes, the show.

Felia Doubrovska is               The Firebird (1910) In 1909, a troupe of Russian dancers embarked on a whirlwind 20-year tour of Europe that was to sex-up ballet considerably. Hitherto a fluffy thing stuffed between opera acts, dance became a multidisciplinary multi-sensorial extravaganza that shocked the most enlightened of Parisian… Read more »